We strongly believe in Made in Italy concept as well as the priceless heritage of Italian manifacturing. Every single piece of our collections is crafted by experted artisan.

NADIR MAUT creates luxury summer outfits and garments that are designed to be treasured. We don't chase trends. There is always an element of timelessness to our designs.


We celebrate craftsmanship, highly skilled artisanal techniques and originality through our unique prints, custom-designed laces, trims and finishes. These are clothes our clients invest in, and we invest in them too: with time, care and obsessive attention to detail, from the design stage right through to the finished garment. This is what we mean when talk about creating collections for durability and longevity.


Authentics prints are key to our collections. Our fabrics are digitally printed in Como - most important areas producing silk in Italy. We procure our materials exclusively from leading companies. We demand high quality in all incoming materials, which must be certified according to applicable European standards.



Our design, sourcing, retail and logistics teams are constantly evaluating the best options in this fast-changing space, from fabric printing methods, materials and trims right through to packaging and delivery. We welcome new ideas and innovations. Our approach is practical, research-driven and open-minded. We are looking for the best long-term solutions to ensure our business is as responsible as possible, and we actively engage in initiatives, business methods and systems that promote human rights, support communities and protect our natural environment.

Designer industriale


Our team of dedicated and high performing talent share our core values of integrity, creativity and co-creation, individualism and passion. Personal and professional growth is actively supported and encouraged, through training, development, mentoring and well established career pathways.



The brand is inspired by diversity of cultures, ethnic drawings, traditional geometric print and contemporary simbols.

Long dresses and caftans play with sophisticated and rich “psyprints” that draw define a new tribalism: the unique style is reflected a rigorous and hieratic collections.